Advocacy Update - STAR+PLUS Statewide Advisory Committee


By Heather Kennedy posted Oct 08,2018 03:17 PM


Dear Members,


TAHC&H Regulatory staff will attend the STAR+PLUS Statewide Advisory Committee planning meeting Wednesday, October 10, at Superior Health Plan’s office in Austin. These meetings occur quarterly, and we will provide a summary of the meeting discussion points for you after each. This meeting’s agenda includes a presentation from Karen Cheng on the upcoming legislative session, as well as a discussion of:


  • the LTSS provider re-enrollment requirement delay until 10/31/18,
  • rendering provider NPI requirement status,
  • the delay in the implementation of LTSS billing unit increment changes, and
  • other topics identified by the committee members.


In the future, TAHC&H will reach out to you prior to these meetings for issues you’d like us to raise as part of these discussions. We will keep you updated as these discussions progress. If you have issues you'd like to send us related to STAR+PLUS in the meantime, please direct them to: