MEDICAID: HHS Discontinues Handbooks, Refers to SOS


By Heather Kennedy posted Feb 06,2019 10:43 AM

Dear Members, 

This week, HHSC announced via Provider Letter PL 19-02 that they will no longer maintain handbooks with Rules in them, referring instead to the Secretary of State (SOS) website where the online version of the Texas Administrative Code may be found. Downloadable, searchable copies of the Rules may be requested from the SOS, as described in the provider letter; HHSC will no longer provide this service.

PL 19-02 states that HHSC will no longer maintain handbooks containing these Rules:

  • Day Activity and Health Services Requirements, 40 TAC Chapter 98
  • Denial or Refusal of License, 26 TAC Chapter 560
  • Employee Misconduct Registry (EMR), 40 TAC Chapter 93
  • Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions, 40 TAC Chapter 90
  • Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities, 40 TAC Chapter 92
  • Licensing Standards for Home and Community Support Services Agencies, 40 TAC Chapter 97
  • Medication Aides-Program Requirements, 26 TAC Chapter 557
  • Licensing Standards for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers, 40 TAC Chapter 15
  • Nursing Facility Administrators, 40 TAC Chapter 18
  • Nurse Aides, 26 TAC Chapter 556
  • Nursing Facility Requirements for Licensure and Medicaid Certification, 40 TAC Chapter 19
HHSC's remaining handbooks can be found on the Laws and Regulations section of their website here

Please send us any questions you may have on this change. Providers may also contact HHS Policy, Rules and Training at (512) 438-3161 for more information about PL 19-02.

Thank you!