March 1, 2017, STAR Kids Advisory Committee Meeting Summary


By J.R. Top posted Mar 02,2017 02:35 PM


On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) held a STAR Kids Managed Care Advisory Committee meeting.

The archival footage of the meeting can be viewed here:

The meeting began with a STAR Kids implementation update on the following items:

Provider Capacity (Waitlist) Issues: HHS will be working on policy with the Texas Association of Health Plans (TAHP) to have providers with capacity issues begin to refer clients on a waitlist back to the managed care organizations (MCOs).

Timely Claim Payments: HHS stated that the data looks good for the MCOs 98% clean claim standard for claims, but they are talking and working with providers that have claims extending beyond the 30-day mark. HHS requested that the MCOs work with providers to help take care of delays in claims payment.

After the update, HHS discussed the following agenda items:

HHS Project Management gave an update on data they are gathering related the December 15, 2016 therapy rate reductions.  Data on Provider terminations may be available sometime in April 2017, utilization trends data may be available as early as July 2017, and some complaint data has been processed, but was not expansive enough to form any trends. This is a project that is taking a look at the whole of Texas Medicaid.

There was also an agenda item and update about the STAR Kids Screening and Assessment Instrument (SK-SAI). At the current moment, there 77,209 SK-SAIs have been scheduled and 26,677 SK-SAIs have been completed. Please note that The Texas Association for Homecare and Hospice is working with STAR Kids MCO provider representatives to develop a process to help our members ensure that clients are getting their SK-SAIs scheduled and completed.