Texas HHS Releases 2016 PIAC Stakeholder Report


By J.R. Top posted Mar 13,2017 05:24 PM

Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) just released the Promoting Independence Advisory Committee (PIAC) Stakeholder Report–2016. This report contains recommendations that the PIAC made to HHS to be considered for inclusion in the 2016 Promoting Independence Plan and reflects the views and opinions of the PIAC members, of which Rachel Hammon, Executive Director, Texas Association for Homecare and Hospice is part.

There are 33 recommendations, organized into nine categories in this report. The categories include:

• Community-Based Services
• Children’s Initiatives
• Managed Care Initiatives
• Mental and Behavioral Health
• Relocation Services
• Housing
• Employment
• Workforce and Provider Stabilization
• Miscellaneous

The recommendations in this report were passed by a simple majority and each vote is illustrated in the report in order of members who voted yay, nay, and abstained.

Please see the link to the PIAC Report here: https://hhs.texas.gov/sites/hhs/files//documents/laws-regulations/reports-presentations/2017/piac-2016-stakeholder.pdf