TAHC&H Education - CoPs Intensive Workshop – Did You Miss It?


By Marissa Machado posted Feb 09,2018 02:02 PM


Were you part of the 242?  The first of three CoPs Intensive Workshops took place last week in Plano, Texas with a fabulous attendance of over 240! The full day session, presented by Axxess’ Jennifer Gibson, RN, HCS-D, COS-C, was informative, interactive and overall a great success. We also had multiple vendors on hand to share their products and services with attendees and offer additional solutions for agencies adjusting to the new rules.

What did we hear from attendees? In addition to the positive feedback about their learning experience, attendees opined the value of a presenter who spent time engaging the audience up to the very end of the conference. We heard how the presenter placed the rule into the day to day practice and also validated TAHC&Hs current advocacy for our industry by continuing to collect questions and working with CMS to get the answers! During the open Q&A and discussion period, attendees shared their successes on how they are re-tooling internal processes and revising forms, policies, etc. with each other.

We’re getting answers. We collected over 20 questions  from attendees to add to our current list of questions and are working directly with the Texas Health and Human Services (HHS), Regulatory Services Policy staff and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)  Regional Training Coordinators to get you the answers. There are still many clarifications needed on the intent of the rule changes. In addition, we are developing an everything CoPs Resource page at tahch.org and will host not only the answers to the questions asked at the conference, but multiple other resources you need for implementing the rule changes.

Speaking of CMS and Texas HHS. We had 2 representatives on hand from both entities who were able to hear not only the same presentation that the attendees’ heard, but to also gain valuable insight into the current struggles home care agencies are facing.  Both entities praised the program and are committed to working with us proactively to address survey operations challenges and get further clarification from their leadership. This can only mean positive things for the future enforcement of these rules and we’re excited about their willingness to be present at the conference.

Did you miss it? Don’t worry - we still have two more sessions to go! April 26th in Austin and June 26th, in McAllen. Full details and registration info available here.